Wedding photography is a mixture of many other photographic genres. It incorporates portraiture, family and group photography, documentary, boudoir, event, and close-up images.

Picking the right vendors can be scary – the wrong vendor can ruin your big day or at least come close to it. So I was amped when LoveWeddings invited me to share my thoughts about what to look out for when picking a Wedding Photographer in Nigeria. It is one of the Most IMPORTANT wedding decisions you are going to have to make, so take your time, ask the right questions and use these to help you the right DECISION.

  • Get recommendations and reviews: Most people remember to ask their friends for recommendations, but they rarely ask for honest reviews. After you get your recommendations, look for reviews from previous clients (you can even check google to see honest reviews of a particular photographer). If the photographer has a social media page or website, look through and read all the reviews.
  • Can I see a whole wedding/Portfolio: Many wedding photographers will be quick to select their best works for you to look at or worse steal someone else’s work when you come calling. The best way to put your mind at rest is to ask to see an album to look through. It is important to view the photos so that you can gauge how good the photographer is. You will also get to know if the photographer can work indoors, outdoors, in different environments and with different kinds of lighting. Even a newbie photography should have a portfolio with his work if he knows what he’s doing.
  • Do your personalities click? As you explain your vision for the wedding photos, does the photographer seem to understand what you are talking about? Does he or she take time to listen to you and find out exactly what you want for your wedding? Are there any signs of impatience in the conversation? Does the photographer make you laugh or smile removing the nervous butterflies from you belly. If you are not able to understand one another, maybe it is best to get someone who comprehends and shares your vision, rather than having someone who will not give you what you want.
  • What’s included in your Package? Every Wedding has a preplanned budget. When comparing wedding Photographers, you should compare like with like. Some important questions (incase it’s not stated in photographers price guide) Number of hours of coverage, number of photographers, what the deliverables will be, digital softcopies included, prewedding coverage etc.
  • Hire a professional: Not all wedding photographers are professionals. Being a professional is not just about clicking and taking photos and delivering the finished product. The photographer should be able to advise on lighting and be prepared for any mishaps. Most importantly, there should be clear lines of communication between you, and everything you agree on should be put down on paper. If the photographer already has a booking on the date set for your wedding, he should say so.

I have covered over 30 weddings and haven’t missed one yet, my clients come back and I get recommended a whole lot. This isn’t just because I can click my camera, it’s because I pride myself to being a professional, I am also very reasonably priced and have an amazing time relating with my clients(making them comfortable) and giving awesome pictures.